Frequently Asked Questions

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The Basics

What is Boxagon?
  • Boxagon is a new way of finding and sharing collections or 'boxes' of things that go well together for all types of adventures. So if you are getting a dog or running your first marathon, you can search through the site and see curated boxes of items that other users recommend.
  • Boxes are curated by the Boxagon community helping you find and buy the right set of items.
How do I sign up?
  • Signing up is easy. You can either create an account with your email, Google or Facebook. Join us .
How do I create a box?
  • Once you log into Boxagon, you will only have a default box called My Box. You can create a new one by clicking on in the header. There you can add items, and add a post to it. Once you are done, you can click on to make your box public.
How do I add items to my box?
  • Adding an item to your box or #boxing it, can be done in two different ways:
    1. Using our search bar and clicking on the #BoxIt BoxIt button for the item you want.
    2. Using our Chrome Extension to upload an item directly from its Amazon page.
How does the Chrome Extension work?
  • The Chrome Extension or Boxagon Button allows you to add items directly from an Amazon page to your box. It will only appear whenever you are in an Amazon item profile page.
What stores are supported by Boxagon?
  • We are currently supporting over 100 merchants in various different markets including sites like Amazon, Urban Outfitters, Macy's, Musician's Friend, Yoox, Levi's, Pacsun, and Forever 21 (to name a few). Shoot us an email to if you'd like to add a store that is not currently supported!


What makes a great box?
  • Boxes can be very varied, but the best boxes serve a purpose like Rock Climbing Gear or Everything you Need to Build a Wooden Table. It's best to avoid creating vague boxes like Cool Stuff or My Things.
Who can see my boxes?
  • Once you create a box it becomes publicly available to the community. We're all about spreading the knowledge!
What does do?
  • Watching a box essentially means you're saving that box to your user profile. It allows you to keep an eye on the box for future reference.
Can I create boxes with items from non-US sites?
  • Yes, if you go to your profile and click on Edit, you can switch your locale to UK, Canada, Germany or France. This will update your item search results to pull items from the new geography you select.

Sharing Boxes

Can I share a box on social media?
  • You can currently share any box on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ by clicking on the social media buttons.
Can I embed a box on a blog or website?
  • By clicking on </> in any box page you will see a code snippet that you can use on any website or blog.


Can I buy items on Boxagon?
  • Yes, you can buy items by clicking on View  under any item in a box page. You will be able to confirm your purchase on the merchant's site.
Is there a difference between the price on Boxagon and the price on the merchant site?
  • No, there is no difference, the price on Boxagon will be the same price you would pay the merchant.


I found an item I like in a box, can I save it?
  • You can save any item by clicking on Save  . You will then be able to access it from your profile under the Saved Items tab.


There's a really cool user that creates boxes for that thing I love to do, can I follow him/her?
  • Yes, you can go to the user's profile and follow them to stay up-to-date with all their latest boxes.
Can I add a biography about myself to show off how awesome I am?
  • Sure thing. If you go to your user profile and click on you'll be able to add a bio and a bunch of other fancy facts about yourself.

Selling on Boxagon

I have an e-commerce site. Can I sell on Boxagon?
  • If you are interested in selling on Boxagon please send us an email to for more info.